Happy New Year fellow WAG members!

With another year logged in to the record books let’s take look back at what’s been accomplished these past twelve months and then look ahead to 2011. -Website up and running, thanks to Debi Vann, Cherokee Designs, LLC. -Thanks to Z’anne Bakke for creating our Blog and to Rod Stroh for setting up our email. -We presented a very successful exhibition at Sandy Library in April, for both sales & exposure. We have new exhibition opportunities at the Sandy Actors Theater. Thanks to Becky Hawley We had a public presence at the Sandy Mt. Festival, at Heritage Days in Government. Camp and through out the town of Sandy, in window displays, thanks to all the participating artists. -Kids outreach has gotten off to a good start with Becky Contreras, Becky H, Martha Reel, Rod Stroh and Kim Tutttle, all of whom have worked with kids on a variety of projects. -Solace in Silk held several workshops and presented scarves. Thanks to many participating members and to the SS team, Kate Conrad, Kathryn de Vries, Becky H., Syd Kruze & Martha R. -Figure drawing group met regularly and was well attended. Thank You Kate Conrad -We had a excellent workshops: Raku, put on by Bruce Beattie, Italic Writing, by Cheryl Hooley, and Bead Earrings, by Kathy Murawski. -“SEE THE RIVER THROUGH ARTISTS EYES” an inspirational walk along the Clackamas River, organized by Joan Ragan and Becky H. Looking forward to 2011….We will continue all three of our special projects, Solace in Silk, the Theater Exhibitions and Kid’s Outreach , all of whom have all been given minimum funding by the Board in next year’s budget. It’s up to you, the members of the Guild, to decide which of these projects you would like to see expanded in the coming year. Let’s take a look at where we stand on each project individually. Solace in Silk (SS) was funded as an “annual” project with seed money from the general budget. SS has been our annual project for the past 2 years. We met the 50 scarves target, set by the committee, for the chemo patients and had $413 left for even more scarves! This December, 16 additional scarves were finished and donated with more in the works. This project involved soliciting donations to finance it’s goal and was a financially self-sustaining project. At this time $258 still remains in the SS fund. This project will continue to benefit from future targeted-donations. The project could be chosen to receive additional Guild funding. The Sandy Actors Theatre has committed to put up a rail-hanging system for wall art and halogen track lighting to show art in its best light. We have already taken in $88 **in donations from our first art show this season and in return we have pledged $100 to the theater to defray their expense for the improvements. The donations from the upcoming 3 shows will more than cover that pledge. The project goal is to enhance the lobby with the art exhibitions, making the

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theater-goers experience even more enjoyable and this in turn will encourage SAT to provide artists with public exposure for their work. These free play previews/receptions are an excellent way to expose folks to the little gem of a community theater we have here, in the heart of the Mt. Hood Corridor. This project is financially self-sustaining through donations at the door on preview-reception night. But, your participation is critical in two ways; first, we need you to invite everyone you know to come to our preview-reception nights and second, please contribute artwork to the exhibits. **It should be noted that last spring, our preview night for “Crimes of the Heart” brought in $196 in donations to Solace in Silk. This has been a wonderful collaboration between two arts groups. Kid’s Outreach has provided 60 first graders with art classes, making plaster hand-imprints and steppingstones and has purchased materials for 90, 5th grade heliographic art, projects for next spring. That’s 150 projects for $226 or $1.30 per child. (If you do the math and it doesn’t make sense, that’s because we still have a small amount of material leftover.) We have $50 in the budget for a class to do clay projects in the spring. Another function of outreach is to find young folks who would participate in the Guild. We will mentor them and help them by funding their participation in our workshops and events. Kid’s Outreach is not a self-sustaining program and would benefit from your targeted-contributions, donated specifically to this program. Kid’s Outreach could be chosen to receive more Guild funding. We want you to know our current status, so can you think about where you want the Guild to focus its remaining financial resources in the coming year. We have a carryover beyond our bare bones budget to cover short-falls in projected dues and unanticipated expenses. We’ve set aside seed money to fund an entirely new “annual” project, when one presents itself. An annual projects should be self-sustaining and repay the seed money back to the treasury. The seed money rolls forward year after year to fund subsequent annual projects. We also have some funds that could be spent on workshops and activities, or to enhance the funding to the existing three special projects that are ongoing. This is where the Board needs your input. Our goal for 2011 is to expand our artistic horizons through education and networking. We can do this for ourselves and others through workshops and other “inspirational” opportunities. Kids are our future. We hope to find suitable high school candidates for a free guild membership-mentoring. Let’s hear the ideas you might have for new projects, speakers at our meetings or new art avenues to explore. Please, give us your opinion on where you would like to see focus in the coming year. Wishing you a Happy New Year! From Z’anne Bakke, Becky Hawley and Martha Reel. News flash…… “Patterns in Nature” show will hang March 23, with the reception April 17 from 3-4:45pm. This is due to the Library remodel. More info at the Jan. 10 meeting and subsequent newsletters……get to work on it

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Memories Art Show
Themed Art Shows and
Artist's Reception Dates at SAT 2018-2019

Reception: Thursday, January 17, 2019
6:45 pm

Featured Artist:

Memory Book
Reception: Thursday, March 21, 2019
6:45 pm

Featured Artist:

Shades of Green
Reception: Thursday, May 30, 2019
6:45 pm

Featured Artist:

The public is invited to view the Wy'east Artisan's Guild art shows in the lobby of the Sandy Actors Theatre during play hours. Each show opens on a Thursday at 6:45pm with a reception. After opening, the theater is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:15pm and Sundays from 2:15pm, until closing. The theater is located in Sandy, Oregon behind the Ace Hardware.

Upcoming SAT Plays

Lend me a Tenor
01.18.2018 - 02.10.2019

Fuddy Meers
03.22.2019 - 04.14.2019

Other People's Money
05.31.2019 - 06.23.2019

For more information go to the theatre's website:
or call 503-668-6834.