Dawnna Pearson

Can you imagine utter darkness? Total nothing, blacker than black, with no glimmer or glow anywhere in all the vastness of space?

And then God’s voice says:
“Let there be light.”

That is the first spoken sentence in the Bible. That verse means a lot to me, because I want to be an Illustrator–one who brightens, or clarifies, or shows glory. As Jean Jacques Duval, a stained-glass artist, put it: ‘All art, all life, is lost without light.’

I’ve been creating art since I was old enough to grab drawing tools, and most of my pictures had a story to go with them. For me words and pictures have always been closely interwoven.

At the age of twelve, I began taking group oil painting classes taught by brothers Dave and Dan Wunische. In the three and a half years that followed, I bloomed.

I am a multi-media artist working in pencil, pen, oil, acrylic, watercolor, novels, graphic novels, poems, short-stories, comics, collage, crafts, baking cookies, flower arranging, and more.

I do freelance illustrating work, such as graphic art, logos, and children’s books, as well as commissioned fine art, and lots of miscellaneous projects.

I owe much gratitude to my family, artist friends at church, and the Wy’east Artisans Guild for encouraging me and challenging me to try new things.

But most of all, I owe everlasting thanks to my true love and faithful friend who has stayed with me my whole life. He rescued me at a very young age, and He has won my heart all over again every day since then. He is the great Inspiration, the best Teacher.

Without Him I would have nothing, do nothing, and be nothing. I cannot imagine life without Jesus Christ.

He is the Light I live in.

My contact info:
phone: 503-668-4524
email: dawnnasart@gmail.com